The Jr. Chunk Story





Waaaay back in the year 2012...

While eating some warm, soft, and chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies that they had just baked with their Dad, a little girl named Chunk and her little brother Junior, turned to him and said, "Dad, your cookies make us happy." 

He thought to himself..." too...lets make some more!"

Junior said, "I wish everybody could be happy like us. We should...", and before he could finish his sentence Chunk blurted out, "MAKE THEM FOR EVERYBODY!".

Bada bing, bada boom boom pow...Jr. Chunk cookies were born! 

Happiness is what inspired us to make Jr. Chunk cookies and we are happy while are making them. We hand scoop, bake and bag each Jr. Chunk cookie which consist of:

- All natural 100% butter 

- Cage free eggs

- Unbleached flour

- All natural sugar

- All natural vanilla extracts

Whether you are snacking on our O.G. (Original Grandmas) Chocolate Chip cookie, devouring our Supa Sherbert's orange and vanilla Dreamcicle inspired cookie, or indulging in the late great Jacqueline Millers signature soft and sweet Jackie's Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar cookie, we hope you are filled with the same happiness that we felt

when creating them.    

Be happy...Eat Cookies.